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On what kind of alternative futures have you based your long-term planning? Are you prepared for any contingency? Or at least the most likely ones? What are you doing for Homeland Security and your own survival? Are your current programs and products truly supporting your customers and carrying your company to your long-term goals? Do you need to rank order your priorities in the short term to achieve your strategic goals?


Randy Durham and his associates can help your corporations assess its risks, lay out its future based on sound strategic planning principles, and develop necessary alternatives to meet likely scenarios and contingencies. Our analysis can focus your efforts on productive programs for increased effectiveness. Call today, and let us prepare a Strategic Plan for you to meet the challenges in a turbulent world under the threat of actions never seen before.

Examples of Tailored Products:

• Prepare Corporate Strategic Plan and Brief Senior Leadership

• Draft Implementation Instructions to support the Strategic Plan, for a Division of the Company, or for a Specific Site



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